holymotors gif



Whoops, double posted this here. Holy Motors inspired GIF that came out of a flyer design I came up with for Tottenham World Film Club. Things to come: glands and ducts, sunfish, trailer stills, probably some more goddamn sunfish.



It is going to be a beautiful week. I am staying indoors to continue animating moody windows and rain.

Alternative Press Fair


I sold some Everyday goods with Georgie yesterday at the Alternative Press Fair. We found ourselves in the pleasant and sometimes strange company of neighbours, Alfie Gallagher and Bear Guts, in the equally charming and bizarre venue of The Albert. It was a lively day. Met great folks, caught up with familiar faces and picked up some very decent publications and freebies.


Those handsome objects you see above are courtesy of Belly Kids, The Well Met Press and Sofia Niazi – and what a lovely bunch of coconuts they all are. Also super happy to have been given comics by Adam and Joe who dropped in for a good browse.

Thanks to Rebecca for getting us a space, and thanks to Hisham for sweet-talking punters when we left our table to gawk at zines and stuff. And thanks, of course, to Alternative Press for a swell Saturday.

Tottenham World Film Club Workshops



I’ve been facilitating animation workshops with Zuzanna at a local film club set up by documentary filmmaker Justin Lyle for the past few months. They’re open to people of all backgrounds and give a basic introduction to different techniques, aiming to show how accessible and versatile animation can be. It’s been great fun so far, and a real learning curve for us as well. Also happy to be working with stop motion again, and to enact those one day project ideas sitting around in the back of my sketchbooks (albeit vicariously).

Excel / Fog


Fiddling about on excel as usual. Just an exercise in gradients and seeing what subtleties and transparencies you can achieve with shading options.